In the case of student, after parents, the teachers are having full responsibility to build good personality

Students are spending their most of the time at school and teachers are caring and teaching them at school. Teachers are handling a big responsibility when caring a child at school. The academic institutions are making each student career with help of teacher. A child is starting his education career when his researching five years old. Till this age the whole activities and matters are handling by his parents. Parents are just teaching and giving training about the basic of daily routine activities, but we know, child has to study more about the society and world. Parents are sending their child not for getting technical knowledge, because parents have some limitations to explain about society, culture, relationships, etc. that’ why all are going schools, if you are oppose to this you are not behave like man and you will be equal to animal. That’s different of education. Academic teachers are molding each student’s personality. They are trained based on mental and physical reactions of students. Teachers can’t mingle with students without train, because initially teachers are needed to know your behavior after that start the teaching. Students are coming from different types of family background. Some other students are not rich and their parents are not educated. Sometimes these kinds of small reasons are cause make depression and skill the confidence. Academic teachers are finding these problems between students are solving and motivating the students to do there. Teachers are building the students’ career through fun and serious methods. Know the tips and understand how to make the personality with help of teachers and also try to understand importance of teachers in your career.

After entering school, students will learn some quality on sharing, relationships, helping mentality, respect, and also learn how behave in society and what are the qualities are needed to live in society with responsibility. We can’t teach these all at same time, that’s why academic institutions are best. The teachers are teaching this as the part their study. Also they include social awareness classes for student. Through arts and literature program, these kinds of qualities are highlighted. A good medium is needed to express these all. The arts and literature are good medium. Students are leaning interested field like painting, music, writing, etc. teachers are finding which one is interested for students through watching their activities and giving encouragement and motivations also training. Also teachers are finding students negatives and bad habits, after that take precautions to stop that and tell the impact of such activities are showing right paths. These kinds of responsibilities are handled by lower and upper primary class teachers. They need to face some struggles to achieve the goal. The deaf and dump student are joining at special school. Teachers must have special training for interact with these kinds of students. We are all heard about Helen Keller and her teacher Anne Sullivan. In this true story we can understand the responsibility of teachers.

The college academic level, teachers are teaching about the how to become a good person and giving training for how to catch students’ dreams. Students will get lot opportunities at college academic level to show their skill. College academic level is very important, because students are entering into social life directly at this stage. So teachers are giving more attention on students’ activities. Some students are pulled into drugs usage because of irresponsible person. Teachers are teaching students about technologies. To live in these world students must need a good job. The academic training will helpful to increase your skill and quality and also you will become owner of good personality. As students you are didn’t forgot your teachers, because we can see influence of a teacher in each person’s career and life. Students are realizing their aim or goal with help of teachers. Teachers are just showing the right path and giving the instruction for achieve that. Teaching job is not an easy job. If you are become a teacher, you need to give 100% concentration and should have mental strength. Also it’s a blessing job and we can many persons become famous when do their duties. Also teachers are helping society with their students; they are giving 100% best persons for our countries future.