What are the different and effective ways for students to keep good relationship with their teachers?

Student needs to attend class on time and be punctual in completing all academic tasks. They can seek excuses from their instructors in case they didn’t able to complete their academic assignments on time. Teachers are providing assignment in order to improve the skills of the student. Teacher will check only whether student had tried to do. If they found they had tries but not able to complete it then teacher will provide them excuses. They will no longer allow if student had told excuse at the moment when they are submitting assignment. Student needs to seek permission before the due date and they need to explain the proper reason behind late submission. A teacher will provide guidelines to student in order to lead a right path. Similar to your parent your teacher also has the claim to scold if they had found in negative from you. Student need to respect their teachers.

A teacher should be a good listener. They need to properly understand the problems of students and provide them effective solution. Teacher can provide special guidance to students who are showing low performance in their academic exams. They need to understand the skills of student and help them to elaborate their skill. Student need to maintain a good relationship with their teachers. Student those who misbehave in classrooms will be considered as bad student. A teacher needs to possess a good communication skill so that they can able to teach students properly. They have the ability to explain the entire difficult topic very clearly by using illustration or videos which will make the classroom interactive. If the teacher lacks the ability to explain the ideas properly then it results to boring conversation which in turn class to be boring. Teacher need to make the classroom interactive and also maintain a one to one concentration to every student.

As the teachers are taking class’s student need to maintain discipline and be concentrate what your instructor is saying. You can prepare notes while instructor is taking class so that student can maintain concentration otherwise it will be difficult to maintain a concentration for a long time. As the teacher are there to help you if you have any doubt. So that students can feel free to ask to your instructors at the moment when you had feel any doubt. Clearing the doubts at the moment you feel will help a student to study properly by understanding the concept. Student who were didn’t used the text book until the time of exam may face difficulty as they were opening their books for the first time so that they may feel almost all topic would be difficukt. A student should never make nay argument with your instructors. Having a good relationship with teacher will help you to achieve your success. Based on the behavior and attendance there is some additional grades are there.

Teacher can have communication with student after their classrooms. In classrooms they need to be strict besides that they can maintain a good relationship with students. Teacher can understand the student’s skill better than their parents. They can check way that they attend the classes and how much output that they obtained. So in case when student had some confusion about what is the next subject they need to continue in their future and did they can able to study it properly. In such cases student can seek opinions with their teachers. They will provide you the right solution. Student need to maintain their time for effective study. Student those who have daily habit of studying can get their best academic grades. It is the duty of the teacher to make their classroom interactive so that everyone will show their interest to attend in the class. Student need to show their respect with teacher even if they had found outside their school. Teacher can have some friendly talks with student once they are outside of the class. Most of the cases when student have a small worry they are hesitated to ask doubts with their teachers. In case if they maintain a good relation with teachers then student can ask their doubt at any moment they feel. Student needs to properly follow your instructor and be an obedient student. They need to keep the books clean and should be complete. If they had taken any leave in next day they need to complete their notes. A teacher would never show any partiality to the student based on their academic performance. As the skill of every student may varies so never compare a student based on their academic performance only. Even they are studying hard they are not able to write down their exams properly. A teacher should be interact with such student and provide them proper solution in order to overcome their difficulties.